About us

About us

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Phuket Charter Boat was founded after its proprietor skilled sailor Wyn Davies relocated from Koh Lanta to Phuket. For almost ten  years Wyn has chartered countless boats to Thailand’s guests who were hoping to find a quick and friendly specialized charter service.

Through the years Wyn has multiplied his charter portfolio to incorporate the very best quality and well taken care of catamarans, mono hull sailing yachts, motor yachts and superior yachts. With such a variety of boats we have the ability to match the best boat with all the right charterers.

Here at Phuket charters, we take pride on our persistence for the best quality service. Our highly trained English speaking staff and crew make certain that as soon as you book towards the day you go back from your trip that you’ll be in safe hands. All of our boat captains are skilled, fully licensed and possess a vast understanding of the area. We are suggesting all our guests to make the most of our skipper’s knowledge in their trip.

Trusted experience

Phuket Charter Boat is managed and owned by Captain Wyn Davies. Phuket Charter Boats are a unit of Lanta Sailing. Lanta Sailing is an authorized Thai business organization that provides a number of day trips in Phuket including day cruising tours, boat charter, yacht charter, bare boats, crewed Yachts and Motor Yachts.  Wyn Davies resided on Koh Lanta together with his family in the past 10 years prior to relocating to Phuket.

A qualified PADI Dive master, Wyn has finished the 100 ton Mater-mate course from U.S. Coast Guard.  He is also very familiar with sailing in many parts of the world, and spent several years as a captain on numerous day charters in Virgin Islands and Fiji.  Aside from this Wyn is also a seasoned pilot of sea planes with more than 15,000 hours flights recorded for over 35 years.  Together with his charm, charm, personality and experience, Wyn is definitely devoted to a peaceful and safe sailing journey for the guests.

Your Phuket crewed yacht charter with Phuket Charter Boat will be absolutely relaxing and simply unforgettable. Your charter will be a wonderful journey on the blue waters with all the luxury of your personal crewed chartered yacht. Your own captain and a personal chef who are totally dedicated to making your tour filled with unforgettable memories will truly make your trip a journey of a lifetime.

Phuket charter boats are in full conformity with the Coast Guard Safety Regulations and offer full insurance for all guests on their charters for a satisfying sailing in Phuket.